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Financial and Budget Information

The Finance and Budget page in Sunshine @ The University of New Mexico provides information about UNM's financial activity, net asset balances, and operating budget. The Regents' Report is a consolidated financial statement of current fund operations for the University, including Main Campus, Branch Campuses, and the Health Sciences Center. The report provides year to date revenue and expense comparisons to budget and change in net assets. The Regents' Report is updated several times during the fiscal year and at fiscal year end. The Major Capital Report provides information on current capital projects and is updated quarterly. In addition, links are provided for the Financial Audit Reports and the Operating and Capital Budget Plans. Finally, a link is provided for the Board of Regents' meeting schedule. This site includes schedules, agendas and minutes for the meetings of UNM's governing body.

Reports refresh frequency: Semi-Annual

Useful links

Financial Audit Reports via University of New Mexico Controller's Website
Operating and Capital Budget Plans for current fiscal year
Regents' meeting schedule